SPC Social Events: 10 Steps to Prepare for SharePoint Conference #SPC09

Joel Oleson October 5, 2009 0
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As the dates near, the largest SharePoint Conference of any type in history approaches.  The largest vendor hall, the largest amount of attendees 6000+ and growing.  This might be the largest Microsoft Conference of the year, definitely approaching the mammoth sizes of even WPC, Teched and PDC.

The unique thing about the SharePoint Conference is the sense of community.  We all have something in common.  SharePoint Geeks!  We LOVE SharePoint.  We also have a tight sense of community where we get to know each other and we get a little crazy when we get together.  Attempts in the past to describe what this odd sense of community that’s special with the SharePoint people is tough to describe.

How do you prepare for this incredible global communal event??? 

These 10 Steps to Prepare for the SharePoint Conference should help!!

1. Get plenty of sleep!!! I’m totally serious. If you come tired you will regret it!

2. Twitter will be abuzz, so TAP IN.  If you’re a newbie: Create a http://www.twitter.com account if you haven’t, and setup a search for SPC09 and post updates with the hashtag #SPC09.  If you’ve got a twitter account get the latest updates for your mobile device.  You will feel lost if you aren’t connected. Use topsy.com to sort out the noise for the best daily SPC09 links.

3. Live Blog If you’ve a twitter & pro blogger and want to really get involved, Register! for the SPC09 Live Blogging through EndUserSharePoint.com.  Beyond twitter, you’ll find the richest pictures, video, and blogging stream coming through on Mark’s Community driven EndUserSharePoint.com which according to Planet SharePoint is currently the most popular SharePoint blog.  Not only will it help socially, you’ll get the real content for what’s going on.  If you’re not at the event, you’ll feel like you are by simply following the various streams.  Currenly over 150 people have registered to live blog.  Here’s the SPC09 Live Blog Stream Twitter Tracker…

4. Get involved in the Social Activities, Parties and Dynamic #SHARE events, beyond the structured events to which there will be many various vendor dinners and appreciation dinners and so on.  Let alone what’s going on at the conference itself with Welcome Game night.

#Share… is the keyword for the various social events that are dynamically coming together.  @JThake has created a page to track social events (currently the best tracking link for these social events) going on at SPC.  He’s even put together his own post of how to manage the noise at SPC.  He’s very correct about http://www.topsy.com It’s awesome for being able to make sense out of the noise.  Try it out search on SPC09 and SharePoint will result in the top daily blog posts as well as links to the best resources of the daily events, don’t rely on search. Unfortunately SPC also means specialist, and Storm Prediction Center, so you can’t rely on a search of simply SPC. 


Here’s the Events Schedule of the ones I’m aware of…

Reordered & Updated Oct 7, 2009 2:05 Pacific (see EndUserSharePoint.com’s EventBrite for additional details)


Sunday – Oct 18

  • Official Welcome Reception Game Night, 6-9PM, Mandalay Bay
  • #ShareIndian Indian Food details still coming together – @michaeltnoel @alpesh @meetdux @joeloleson @einaros #SPC09 #ShareIndian Sun, @ 7.30pm => then #SharePint (Spicier the better!!!) Signup for ShareIndian on eventbrite.  7.30pm #shareindia venue confirmed at Origin India, 4480 Paradise Rd. reservation for 150 people – details: http://post.ly/7OAl @eusp @joeloleson @alpesh @michaeltnoel #sharepoint (Don’t forget to Share Mints after this event!)
  • #SharePint Andrew Connell has announced on his blog what will likely be the biggest #SharePint ever at Eye Candy, Mandalay Bay.  Just look at the ever growing comments, and I’m sure this post will help. (SharePint is a social SharePoint gathering.  If you haven’t done one… I highly recommend it.  I’ll be there.  I expect through the course of that evening we could see 200 people. (Wouldn’t miss it!)  Sign up by leaving a response on his blog.


Monday – Oct 19

  • Sponsored Drinks / Mixer: The Mix @ The Hotel @ Mandalay Bay – Soiree by Rightpoint, K2, Knowledge Lake, Hi Software – Please RSVP (Details in *OPEN* Invitation)
  • Various Invitation only – customer/partner drinks and dinners on Monday ask around the vendor hall. (If you’re at the Quest Customer dinner, I’ll see you there)
  • #ShareLove @Mosslover is gathering interest for the Cirque Beatles “Love” show for Monday (UPDATED), October 19 at the 9:30 pm show. Current plan is to get your own tickets. Signup http://bit.ly/Iye1y
  • #ShareMNF is Monday night Football with @MattGowin and @mikecferrara at HardRock Casino
  • #SharePhantom attendance at the Phantom Las Vegas on Monday October 19, 2009, 9:30p show – @SPKevin Kevin Hughes

Tuesday – Oct 20

Wednesday Oct 21

  • Official SPC ATE: Ask the Experts and Exhibit Hall Reception 5:45-7PM (Mandalay Bay)
  • #ShareSushi ShareSushi at Sushi Roku in Caesar’s Palace at 7:00pm Wednesday @Mrackley (I’ll be there!) More details on ShareSushi including venue on Mrackley’s blog http://bit.ly/Iye1y
  • #ShareHoldem  Caesar’s place contact @mrackley (Few seats available) $25 buy-in with up to two $25 re-buys starting at 9:30PM in an undisclosed THE HOTEL suite


#ShareHofbrau Dinner – Location: Hofbrauhaus 4510 Paradise Road near the Hard Rock Hotel, Organizer: Corey Roth, @CoreyRoth, More Info: http://bit.ly/19ILe4


#SharePoint360, U2′s 10/23 post-conference concert @ #SPC09 contact @joeypatterson Ticket ideas for the sold out show (Stub Hub tickets starting at $120) and more on: http://sharepoint360.eventbrite.com

As I find out open invitation I’ll list them… if you have info send them my way… @joeloleson  Many of these #Share Vegas Activities now have an open registration form for counts and amounts and contact info.


5. Update your Profiles & plan to Connect with people that are connected through facebook, twitter, and clean up your profiles so people can get a hold of you.  Is your phone or email still correct if we’re trying to get a hold of you?  I’ve sometimes lost people and the only way I had to get a hold of them was a DM on twitter or contacting the phone number on facebook or linkedin.

6. Be sure to pack your business cards.  You’re going to want to leave these with vendors for giveaways and also friends and potential partners you meet.  My newest cards have my twitter id on them.  Do yours?

7. Plan your sessions and come see me… Here are the currently posted Official Agenda and sessions. This is currently the hardest thing to do with the lack of the sessions being posted, but here’s help for Monday for IT folks.  First there’s the Keynote, then there’s my session:

Joel Oleson and Mike Watson "The New World of SharePoint 2010 – A Day in the Life of a SharePoint Administrator" Mon, October 19 from 1:15 p.m.- 2:30 p.m. (The VERY First Break Out)

Then Todd and Shane have Part 1 and Part 2 2010 Admin sessions following our session.

• Book signing – Tuesday, October 20 at 12:15 p.m. – Meet Joel and get a free autographed copy of SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration by Michael Sampson.

• Quick sessions in the theatre near booth 221 – Preparing for 2010 with Joel Oleson, Wed & Thurs at 1 p.m. (lunch time session)

8. Bring some space in your bags for SWAG!  Plan you time at the SharePoint Vendor hall.  There are going to be a a lot of giveaways…  Here are some I’m aware of…

– Money booth (Booth 221) on game night (Sunday night; Individuals can win up to $300)

– Quest “wear it and win” giveaway; wear your Quest t-shirt and win cash (up to $3000; drawing on Wed at 4 p.m.) Booth 221

– “Joel for a Day” – 8-hour on-site engagement (drawing on Wed at 4 p.m.)— Yep, win me and I can help you for a day on your 2010 SharePoint deployment or upgrade strategy or whatever…

I hear AvePoint is giving away a Harley motorcycle, and I know Shane and Todd are signing books at Idera booth see Todd’s blog for more info.  It’s going to be a fun conference!

In the conference bag you’ll find a slick from KnowledgeLake, it has a hidden code for a cash prize of up too $1000, in fact there are over 100 winning forms.  Stop by the booth to scan and decrypt code to see if you’re a winner.
There will also be a magician at the Knowledge Lake booth presenting SharePoint 2010, the new Connect 4 product and our Silverlight Document Viewer in a very entertaining format. I’ve heard there’s a cash prize during every presentation!

9. Extra Batteries for your mobile, camera or mobile power packs! With all the twittering and calls youre phone will run out of juice.  Ben Curry showed me the ropes with mobile power!  You can get these tiny pocket sized power things that you can plug into your device.  If your phone lasts a full day try staying up for 2 days and you’ll loose your phone.  Maybe pack external hard drives for your video and the PPTs you’re going to be getting.  Make sure your laptop has power too!  That power cord always seems to get lost.  Adapters for you international folks!!!

10. Pack your camera, FlipHD, dust off your blog, and get ready for the most incredible experience of your life.  You’re going to want to document the crazy experiences.  This is the Woodstock of our Geek Generation, sure we’re in hotels, but this is the biggest world wide geek reunion.  It will feel more like a reunion than a conference.  I’m telling you. 


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