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Joel Oleson October 29, 2009 0

These last couple of days I’ve done a webcast on some of the new features and how it impacts administrators.  The New World of SharePoint 2010 Administration: A Day in the Life an archive is available including a PDF of the slides.

Here’s the Q&A

Asked: What about merging data from multiple collections into one?

With the enhanced import and export packages merging lists, and sites gets much better.  You can export lists and sites and combine them in a single site collection.

A good blog from Russ at Microsoft on Import and Export in SharePoint 2010

Asked: is there a migration path from wss 2.0/MOSS 2003 to MOSS 2010?

The migration path when using out of the box SharePoint is to go from SPS 2003 to MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010.

For WSS 2.0 you would upgrade WSS 3.0 then WSS 4.0 then install SharePoint Server 2010.  The database attach methods work as well where you could attach a WSS 2.0 database to a MOSS 2007 farm and then upgrade to 2010.

Partners such as Quest do have tools to support getting from SPS 2003 or WSS 2.0 to SharePoint 2010 directly using Quest Migration Manager.  I’d expect Metalogix, AvePoint, Tsunami and Echo among others to have migration/upgrade offerings go to for unbiased customer reviews and ratings.

Asked: is the information portal in the current site admin product?

The information portal is new but is in the current released version.

Asked: Regarding the visual upgrade – are owners (i.e. those who have full control) of subsites able to do the visual upgrade on their own, i.e. it’s not just site collection admin?

The Site Collection Administrators have control of the visual upgrade as well as the farm administrators.  Sub sites (the sites underneath the site collection) can be visually upgraded independently, but this can be confusing.  The owners should work together with the site collection administrators.

Asked: If you configure a subsite rule in site manager allowing only 2 subsites (as shown in the demo), is the user allowed to to create 3 subsites and the 3rd is deleted without warning when the policy job executes at some point in the future?

With Quest Site Administrator as long as the policy rule is created before the violation they would be blocked from creating the third site.  If the site existed before the rule was created it would be deleted based on the policy.

Asked: Is there a way to install Servicepacks or Hotfixes without taking down the whole Farm?

There are some new patching features including the ability to upgrade the binaries and then later upgrade the databases.  There are some uptime strategies for upgrading in high availability method using read only databases or mirroring.  You’ll see more information as we get closer to release.  There is some information on patching.

Asked: does Quest intend on providing custom powershell management scripts as powershell seems to have gained primary mgmt responsibility OOB

Dmitry Sotnikov a huge powershell evangelist employed by Quest has already been working with the powershell scripts and put together a blog on the commandlets.  Definitely let him know what you might be looking for.  I hear work is being done to put together a Power GUI, Power Pack for SharePoint 2010.

Asked: Can you speak to deployment enhancements and the administators role in deployment in 2010?

1) Powershell makes it easier to script installation

2) Tenant admin makes it easier to delegate groups of site collections with better usage and reporting

3) Usage and Logging databases make it easier to determine what’s up with control for verbose logging

4) Service Apps support a more delegated approach from both a security trimmed UI as well shop where you want for the services


Asked: Can a site collection be in more than one content db?

Sorry.  No, but external lists, list throttling, and improvements in partner solutions around blob storage should help with sizing

Asked: any further advancements in alerts and alert management?

Check out SharePoint Foundation 2010 Alerts Enhancements on MSDN.

Asked: Will the Quest Site Migration Manager offer site export / import features that are not in SharePoint 2010?

Yes. It’s designed around making it easy to upgrade, migrate and reorganize your data between older and newer versions or from current version to current version as in farm to farm or site collection to site collection.

Asked: It may be too early to ask this, but issue should an organization be aware of when moving from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint 2010.

The new services will include new considerations as will social computing options around my sites.  I highly encourage the new my sites, while I may wait on turning on performance point services, visio and access services until the business was ready for them.

The ability to turn them on when you’re ready should help a lot.  Note: With upgrade you could simply upgrade your servers and wait until different parts of the business are ready for 2010 so you can take advantage of the admin features and enhancements.

There were a ton of presentations on Governance at SPC.  One of them asked if Governance was still necessary for 2010, H Yes.

Asked: Has the management of timer jobs in central admin been made simpler in SharePoint 2010?

Yes, managing timer jobs is a much better interface in central admin.

SharePoint Sandbox: SharePoint 2010 Timer Jobs Overview

Asked: Different topic: As SP2010 is designed for other browsers, How is the Integrated Windows Authentication handled in other browsers like FireFox?

Firefox has built in support for NTLM it just has to be enabled.  It’s disabled by default.

Here’s a blog on SharePoint & NTLM with Configuring Firefox.

Also check out the New SharePoint and Office 2010 Good Better Best (compares and contrasts older versions of Office with SharePoint 2010)

Asked: When will the public beta come out? and is workflow changing from the current version?

November is the planned Public Beta.  Workflow is enhanced.  It’s easier to create workflows from Visual Studio 2010 with templates, and it’s easier to create and deploy to more than one site collection from SharePoint Designer 2010.

You can register for the SharePoint 2010 download bits NOW! 

Asked: Can site collections be converted to subsites or vice versa?

They can be imported and exported yes.

Here’s a blog post from Russ on Import and Export in SharePoint 2010

Asked: For developer environments, will it be possible to create one using windows 7?

YES!! Currently there is a config.XML that must be set, but yes it can.  SharePoint and Windows 7 (These instructions get way better after bits become available.)

Asked: How will project server be affected with upgrade?

The project team plans to support upgrade of SharePoint Server 2007 with Project Server 2007 to Project Server 2010.  Have you hear Project Server 2010 even requires full blown SharePoint Server 2010.  SharePoint Solutions addresses that piece on their blog.

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