Your SharePoint 2013 Site Isn’t Ready Yet—FREE @Mobolize White Paper

Joel Oleson December 10, 2013 1
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SharePoint 2013 has three exciting features designed to increase business productivity and collaboration, but your SharePoint site still won’t be ready for the field unless you configure it properly.

Enterprise Search

SharePoint 2013 has some great upgrades to the search feature, but how will your field employees and traveling executives take advantage of this feature in a typical work day? Most mobile employees are offline or have slow Internet connections and won’t be able to take advantage of enterprise search unless it’s available offline.


Social collaboration can be very powerful, especially for large enterprises. If field employees are offline and unable to use this feature, however, they need to be able to access the SharePoint site and find the answer themselves regardless of their connectivity status.

SkyDrive Pro

SkyDrive Pro provides offline access to files and document libraries, but leaves mobile employees without access to calendar items, wikis, SharePoint pages and forms. These are often integral parts of business processes, so field employees need to be able to use this functionality even when they are in bandwidth challenged locations.

Download this free white paper and find out how to ensure your SharePoint 2013 site can still be utilized by field employees and traveling executives, even though they are frequently offline or in bandwidth challenged locations.

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