Twitter is now my #1 Referral site

Joel Oleson January 15, 2014 4

Social Media has really made a big difference to bloggers like me.  Being able to get our thoughts and ideas out in front of the community, but also the world.  Blogging is great, but without social to share it, we rely on search engines to expose what’s happening.  Social media has really been the best platform for getting our ideas out there fast in more than 120 characters.  There was a recent squabble in the community about tweeting old posts and how that could be annoying for people.  When I recently moved my blog to WordPress I wanted to take advantage of the latest and greatest plugins.  One such plugin I came across was tweet old post.  It allows you to choose old posts based on time, category, and even remove any posts you want to, and then add hashtags or lead lines and so on.  When I first tested it out, the default was to tweet one post every four hours from posts from the last 6 months.  So I experimented with the settings and refining what content should be tweeted.  I was amazed how many retweets and favorites I was getting on old content.  It was like I opened up the vault and people were still appreciating content that took time out of my life, but then there was a little backlash and trying to figure out how to keep the noise level down for those that started seeing content repeat was a challenge.  So I tuned it down, and hopefully I’ve found a happy medium with using #classic as the hashtag for those that want to filter out the tweets that now happen ever 5 hours.

Twitter is now my #1 referral system.  With my 12K+ followers and the potential that’s built into that for retweets to their networks, twitter is an amazing echochamber.  58% of all site referrals that I get are from twitter.  That’s an amazing statistic.  Honestly Google still gives me more traffic than anything else, but having twitter nearly reach the level of Google is incredible as they’ve been so dominant and really the only thing I’ve had to focus on from an SEO perspective.  Now SMM (Social Media Marketing) has really been integrated into Search Engine Optimization, but really is taking on it’s own place in site referrals.





  1. Tom Resing January 29, 2014 at 11:58 am - Reply

    Ah, WordPress results. I must not have that feature on mine or else I don’t know where to find it.

  2. Tom Resing January 28, 2014 at 8:08 am - Reply

    Twitter is my #1 referral source, too. I appreciate the detail on the WordPress plugin. I may try that, too. I like that you’ve added the #classic hashtag. Before that, I was disappointed when I clicked on a link to find it was an old post, some I’d already seen.

    What tool is that referral report from? That doesn’t match any report I can find in google analytics.

    • January 29, 2014 at 10:15 am - Reply

      Twitter has been really powerful for directing traffic it seems. Powerful for curating content. With recent analysis it appears that the time I’ve been spending on twitter has been paying off.

      Yes, the classic should help my current readers understand when it comes out of the archive, but may be posts they haven’t seen. I haven’t gotten any complaints in a while now.

      I’m comparing my wordpress results as well as my google analytics.

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