FREE Webinar: Compliance Within #SharePoint with @AdlibSoftware and @K2onK2

Bonnie Surma January 20, 2014 1
FREE Webinar: Compliance Within #SharePoint with @AdlibSoftware and @K2onK2

Tuesday, 28 January 2014
15:00 to 16:00 PM (GMT)

Compliance is still a key area organizations struggle with in deploying SharePoint effectively for document management. 

From EMA, to SOX, to HIPAA, to FOIA, to Basel II, there are increasing legislative, regulatory, and even corporate factors to comply with. To help solve this problem, K2 and Adlib are offering a Webinar that takes compliance within SharePoint down another level.

Learn About:

  • Managing records systems in compliance with regulations for current business
  •  Increasing usability and compliance wrapping SharePoint features into business solutions that solve departmental problems
  • Using workflow automation to increase visibility, reduce costs and comply with strict regulation requirements
  •  The critical role of Document Transformation in compliance and how it solves the “final mile” dilemma

Register TODAY for the webinar on January 28 to see a live demonstration to understand how customers make common document process like a contract processing compliant with only a few simple enhancements to SharePoint. You’ll learn more about creating compliance-ready documents in a trustworthy record management system, all from your current SharePoint investment.

This is a sponsored community broadcast by Adlib Software.


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