Infopath is Dead. Funeral Announced for #SPC14

Joel Oleson February 5, 2014 2

Great to finally get the word on the nail in the coffin of Infopath.  Yes, I’m 4 days late, but I wanted to share some parting words and invite people to join me at the funeral at SPC.

“… InfoPath 2013 is the last release of the desktop client, and InfoPath Forms Services in SharePoint Server 2013 is the last release of InfoPath Forms Services. The InfoPath Forms Services technology within Office 365 will be maintained and it will function until further notice.”

I think we need to plan a funeral or wake at SPC.  I need a volunteer who is Infopath invested to help organize a funeral where we can gather, wail and where we need to dress in black and share some parting words.

I imagine a funeral procession that goes through the exhibit hall, but then again I think if we do this we do it over the top of course.  I remember going to a funeral for an early version of exchange after the migration.  It was a lot of fun.  It is kind of like the opposite of a release party.


You can read more about the Infopath death on the Office blog.

“If you’re an InfoPath customer, we want to reassure you that we’re working on migration guidance in parallel as we’re building our next generation of forms technology. Until we have more detailed technology roadmap and guidance to share with you, we encourage you to continue using InfoPath tools. We also want to remind you that the InfoPath 2013 desktop client and InfoPath Forms Services for SharePoint Server 2013 will continue to be supported through 2023 as part of our Lifecycle support policy.”


Let me know if you’d like to help me. I’m looking for a funeral director.


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