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Joel Oleson February 25, 2014 1

If you’re going to SPC14, here’s one of the sessions that IT folks should be sure to block out in their schedule.  I had an opportunity to get a sneak peak of “SharePoint Online: Built for the Enterprise,” Simon’s session on how SharePoint has been evolving to meet the ever complex enterprise needs in the cloud. He has been leading SharePoint’s transformation onto the cloud, so it would be fun to hear from one of the key architects leading this charge.  In my discussion with Simon, he mentioned there was going to be some key announcements for IT and Architects that are key to planning any future SharePoint deployments… here are a few examples.

Roadmap & Strategy details in this session:

  • Future Upgrade
  • Service Pack 1
  • Disaster Recovery in Scale
  • One Drive and Social future integration

By the way, I’ve added this session to the list of roadmap sessions I plan to attend and blog about.

Monday 2:00-3:15pm

#SP216 will cover the service’s evolution in the last year and how the SharePoint upgrade that you know and love has been rewritten to power a modern service. As a teaser over 3 dozen pairs of SharePoint farms and their DR pairs spread over 20 plus datacenters get refreshed with new bits every day. No downtime, non-disruptive, mostly without a human touch!

He will then unveil a set of advances in Reliability, Scale, Security, Compliance and Transparency that will exceed the requirements of the most demanding enterprises and Governments across the world. The session promises to show off how SharePoint Online will bring the flexibility of cloud while giving you much needed control of your data and solutions. He is planning a live demo of their Machine Learning system that can warn a user when a document containing sensitive information is about to be shared. Sure sounds intriguing.

#SPC216 will provide many practical on-ramps to the cloud depending on your organizational needs. The session will briefly touch on how you can take advantage of Social, OneDrive or Search on the cloud while maintaining your assets on the elsewhere.

You will also have an opportunity to see a couple of customers who have adopted SharePoint 2013 SP1 early and get to learn from their plans to roll out OneDrive to their users on the cloud.

He will close with a customer testimony of how they transformed their IT org from being the keeper of HW in the last decade to a provider of higher value business services by adopting SharePoint Online.

Simon is Mr. Customer guy in the product group, so I am looking forward to see how that experience has translated into a cloud enterprise customers of all sizes and vertical can trust their digital jewels in Office 365 and SharePoint Online.

I do recommend this session if you’re in the cloud or trying to get there…

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