Are You Wasting Time and Money on Your SharePoint Backups?

Bonnie Surma March 11, 2014 2


Finding the best backup solution for your SharePoint environment isn’t easy. It often involves a series of compromises where desired features are traded off against others in an attempt to find an all-encompassing solution to your organization’s backup and restore strategy.

The problem with most SharePoint backup tools on the market is that these tools struggle to address the challenges of protecting today’s SharePoint deployments. They’re either extensions of generic infrastructure backup solutions—can be slow and complicated to install and manage—or offer little in the way of end-user support or self-service capabilities, leaving you tied up with time-consuming, individual file recovery requests.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Metalogix has developed a backup solution designed specifically for SharePoint that delivers game-changing speed and granularity of features that is unprecedented in the market. Metalogix SharePoint Backup 4.0 is easy to deploy and provides control over protecting your SharePoint farms while delivering lightning-fast backup and recovery. Due to rapid growth in size of SharePoint content databases, fast backup speed is critical to reducing your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) dramatically and returning your environment to operational readiness ASAP (measured as the Recovery Point Objective).

Metalogix SharePoint Backup eliminates dependence on a centralized backup infrastructure by providing application-level backup and recovery. Now you have 100% control over your environment. You can schedule, monitor, and manage backups all from a single, dedicated console.

Metalogix SharePoint Backup also gives end users the power to recover their own documents, whenever they want, directly from the SharePoint UI, without administrative assistance, freeing up administrators time and resources.

Make the Switch and Save 50% off your Existing Backup Costs

If you already have a backup tool that does not meet your needs, Metalogix is making it easy to switch to a backup tool purpose-built for SharePoint. You can try Metalogix SharePoint Backup for free. And you can license it risk free for 50% of your current tools maintenance costs.

You don’t have to live with backups that don’t meet your needs when there’s a tool that gives you much more at a fraction of the cost. Learn how you can switch to Metalogix SharePoint Backup.




  1. oleg November 6, 2015 at 2:29 pm - Reply

    What is a big deal? I can just run Backup-SPFarm cmdlet .

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