Free White Paper: Your SharePoint 2013 Site Isn’t Ready Yet

Joel Oleson March 20, 2014 2
Free White Paper: Your SharePoint 2013 Site Isn’t Ready Yet
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SharePoint 2013 has new features designed to increase business productivity and improve application performance, but your SharePoint site still won’t be ready for the field unless you configure it properly.

Revenue producing employees are often in the field where a high speed Internet connection is frequently unavailable. Since reliable Internet connections are not guaranteed, reducing latency to improve application performance is essential to making SharePoint perform better on a thin connection.

Download this free white paper and find out how to ensure your SharePoint 2013 site can still be utilized by field employees and traveling executives, even though they are frequently in bandwidth challenged locations.


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  1. Peter April 17, 2014 at 4:06 am - Reply

    Thanks for this whitepaper. It was helpful. I am actually using free SharePoint hosting services with and till now I haven’t faced any such issues. But still this article was helpful.

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