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If you are thinking how to automate your organization’s contract management process which may have various review and approval requirements along with the need to track key metrics, data, milestones and obligations, then this webinar is for you..

We invite you to join our webinar on automating Contract Management with eContracts for SharePoint 2013 and Office 365

Webinar Agenda

We’ll discuss managing contract metadata, automating contract approvals, workflows, contract extensions, negotiations and redlining along with managing contract metrics and centralizing the overall contract repository.

How is this webinar helpful to me?

Contracts define your relationships with customers, vendors and partners. Well executed contracts and agreements with Customers, Vendors, Suppliers, Partners and Distributors dictate the success of an organization within the industry.

See how implementing Contract Management with SharePoint and/or Office 365 can reap the benefits of automating a key business process:

  • eContracts is a Contracts Automation Software available on SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and in Office 365 that allows organizations big and small to manage Contracts – from creation, document assembly through approval, reviews and signature.

    You may have contracts from simple NDAs, to IT Vendor Contracts, Sales Agreements, Purchasing Agreements among others. Our solution integrates standardized metadata for contracts, allows for unlimited number of contracts and contract types, all managed through an extensive contract repository making searching and tracking contract documents and data simple but powerful.

Understand key benefits to your organization provided by eContracts

  • Easier monitoring of contract performance
  • Ability to keep up with key milestones and obligations
  • Setup and manage renewals, cancellations, and expirations
  • Improve contract approval cycle times
  • Track revenue, spending, and analyze financial information
  • Integrate CRM and ERP systems for more comprehensive reporting and analytics

Justifying the Investment with a SharePoint based Contracts Management System is easy!

About the Speakers:

Ram Prabhala is one of the principals of Optimus BT and has been involved with enterprise software products and solutions since 1999. Ram has a bachelor and master’s degrees in computer science and has advised hundreds of organizations as a consultant and then as a principal in Optimus BT on designing eCommerce, ECM, SharePoint and Cloud solutions for medium size and large enterprises. Some of the organizations he has advised and implemented solutions for include Boeing, McAfee Software, Smithsonian Institution, Build a Bear Corporation, Honeywell, Boyden, US Dept. of Treasury, Carle Foundation, among many others. He is also active with the start-up community in Washington, D.C. and other areas advising them in building scalable Cloud platforms and solutions.

Ajith Kumar is a product manager and spearheads the contract management solution area at Optimus BT. He has been involved with enterprise product design and implementations since 2005. As a product manager he wears multiple hats from researching on real-world contract management issues, designing of user interaction and experience models, and consulting to several organizations on their contract management needs.

About Optimus BT

Optimus BT ( is an Atlanta-based SharePoint & Cloud Software Company that has helped many Fortune 500 and Enterprise customers implement robust contract management, procurement, commerce and supply chain solutions over the last seven years. In addition to eContracts software we also market a room reservation and workspace management solution among others.

If you have any questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to call us at (770) 569-1240
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