Fixing SharePoint Performance: Free White Paper

Bonnie Surma April 10, 2014 2
Fixing SharePoint Performance: Free White Paper

Fixing SharePoint starts with how SharePoint content is accessed—the browser. Since the browser resides on the endpoint it is in an ideal place to fix the problems that have the biggest impact on application performance: slow page loads, bandwidth usage and server load.

Slow Page Loads

SharePoint pages are very large and often take a long time to render with a good Internet connection. The problem is even worse for employees who are traveling in the field with poor Internet connections. Since SharePoint is accessed through the browser, the built-in browser cache should serve pages from local disk, making them much faster. However, the browser cache is very small and has not kept up with the changing role of the web in today’s business environment.

Better Browsers

The key to solving slow SharePoint page loads and the network strain it causes is the web browser. Current browsers cannot efficiently render cloud-based applications, as the technology has not kept pace with evolving business trends. Download our free white paper “Fixing SharePoint Performance” to learn how you can make your browser capable of rendering your SharePoint content quickly under any network scenario.




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