9 Keys to Optimizing SharePoint Performance for Field Personnel and Traveling Executives

Bonnie Surma April 17, 2014 1

Field personnel and traveling executives face several application performance challenges when using SharePoint that make it harder, not easier, for them to get their jobs done:

  • Shared Wi-Fi connections in crowded airplanes, hotels and convention centers are overloaded and very slow, making SharePoint frustrating to use
  • Being away from the office means being physically far from the SharePoint server, increasing latency, making both the web app and real time collaboration even slower!

These issues can be addressed throughout all stages of a SharePoint project. Whether you are just starting to develop your SharePoint site, populating the site with content or even if you are post production, there are steps you can take to ensure your field employees and traveling executives are always able to use the SharePoint site. Poor SharePoint performance causes personnel to attempt to find workarounds to get the information they need, breaking procedural workflows and wasting valuable time.

This white paper explores 9 key ways to make your SharePoint site faster, constantly available and displayed in a field-friendly format for efficient access.


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