Gotta Check it out: ITUnity Community

Joel Oleson April 22, 2014 1
Gotta Check it out: ITUnity Community

I’m excited to share with you a new resource for the greater community around SharePoint and Office 365 co-founded by Dan Holme.  You may have heard about some of the Buzz… now the cat is out of the bag.  Here are the resources you need to understand what this is all about


IT Unity is the ONE stop for everyone who has an interest in Microsoft SharePoint. IT Unity helps you solve problems, learn, grow, and pass along your experience-based knowledge. This is a community of trusted content, news, and information by subject matter experts for the Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 community of business decision makers, IT pros, developers, platform owners, and end users.”

What makes this resource different?

“One of the more common challenges we’ve seen is how people get answers to their questions. We search Google or Bing, we read blogs, we read questions and answers in forums, but you just don’t know what to trust. In addition, many times your searches don’t give you the full picture.”

Dan Holme has been heading up the effort and is doing much to get this off the ground.  Look around, there are ways to get involved and help spread the word!

Want to learn more? Dan Holme has a few introductory videos on the IT Unity YouTube Channel that also explain IT Unity:

The buzz is building, make sure you’re not left behind!

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