Are We Ready For the Next WAVE with SharePoint 2016?

Joel Oleson April 3, 2015 1
Are We Ready For the Next WAVE with SharePoint 2016?


SharePoint 2016


In recent SharePoint history, it was interesting to see how 2013 really didn’t make the splash that we all hoped it would.  In fact, there were even some tweets from SharePoint product team members gathering data to see if people were interested in skipping from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016.  The response from what I could see was an astounding, Heck yes!  There are many customers who were underwhelmed with the App Store and it’s promises, and many still sitting on the side lines.  During one event a Southern California customer said, we’re going heads down until 2016.  I was involved in a session that was essentially a debate for stay on SharePoint 2010 or upgrade to 2013.  The stay on SharePoint 2010 team won and from what I’ve seen, there has been an impact.  Rollouts and upgrades have been much slower on uptake with a few exceptions.  SharePoint 2013 invested heavily on Search.  HUGE.  They also invested big in Mobile and in Cloud.  If any of those three areas was of interest, good for you.  If you cared about WCM you might have actually migrated off SharePoint.  I hope not.  The fact that Microsoft announced that it wouldn’t be supporting public websites in it’s cloud service was another shot at WCM.

SOLD OUT Microsoft Ignite in May is poised to be the big awareness campaign for SharePoint 2016 promising demos of the new product with those under NDA still keeping very tight lipped until then.  Follow this blog for more news on Ignite.  I know I’ve been unusually quiet lately, but I promise to step it up including information on Ignite events.  A group of bloggers including myself will be blogging the keynote and the announcement and big reveal sessions.

Are we ready for this?  Oh yeah.  I think there are a lot of consulting companies that are sick of customers dragging their feet.  It’s not unusual for companies to hold off making changes until they have a clear idea of what Microsoft’s roadmap entails.  Things have seriously become a bit fuzzy with things related to forms strategy, and many have decided to use third party tools.  I’m in that camp as well.  As well, the road to the cloud with Office 365 and hybrid strategy is a big push and will continue to be, but this next release is poised to help reinforce the Microsoft strategy for Cloud First, Hybrid and On Prem.


Are you ready???

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