Monitor your Office365 Sites and Email for Free

Joel Oleson June 10, 2015 0
Monitor your Office365 Sites and Email for Free

Just got off the phone with Steve Peschka, the 18 year veteran of Microsoft and the guy who helped us all get through the Auth issues, Claims, User Profile issues, and Apps and so much more. In the conversation Steve explained the new Office365Mon service. In it they let you setup monitoring for Office 365. They give you the full premium features for free for 90 days, but even past that you continue to get the monitoring and alerts for free. Pretty awesome.

I took a few screenshots along the way. Check these out.

Go to to sign up for free and get the monitoring kicked off. I personally just setup our tenant and it took about 5 minutes to get both email and text based alerts. I also created an empty team site to point to so there’d be no concerns about security.

One of the scenarios that was pretty cool was hearing about the outage reports and Steve’s own personal tenant where he got money back when his tenant dipped below 99.9%


They’ve got some great reports for comparing your own outages with the overall outages…



Thanks Steve and the Office365Mon team. Very cool.


This was your first look at Office365Mon. If this was helpful, let Joel know.

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