Debunking the SharePoint BI and Data Visualization Myths

Joel Oleson November 19, 2015 0
Debunking the SharePoint BI and Data Visualization Myths

After seeing a demo of the App from Black Compass for SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013 I told them they should share more info on their product. It’s amazing to me there are such cool apps that just don’t get good visibility. I’m happy to share this infographic which addresses the common myths around SharePoint and data visualization and how much easier and cheap data visualization can actually be. This infographic is free to share and you can also feel free to include this infographic in your own blog on data visualization and SharePoint BI.

Black Compass has over 17 different charts and visualizers that can easily be added to display data from a SharePoint list in a visual way. Cool stuff!

You can download this infographic as a JPG: SharePoint Data Visualization.jpg or as a PDF SharePoint BI Myths. Find out more on

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