Microsoft Ignite SharePoint Office 365 Highlights Thoughts and Perspectives #Office365 #MSIgnite

Joel Oleson September 29, 2016 0
Microsoft Ignite SharePoint Office 365 Highlights Thoughts and Perspectives #Office365 #MSIgnite

It’s been a fascinating week that for me started out by seeing Satya Nadella on stage with the Adobe CEO.  Then later in the week hearing an attendee saying, I don’t want to hear anything about SQL Server unless you’re talking about running SQL Server on Linux.  At another point, I’m talking to Mike Ammerlan about the SharePoint Framework and he’s saying this is it.  You can keep your development know how and you don’t need to know SharePoint dev to become a SharePoint dev.  The SharePoint dev sessions are no longer about SharePoint development.  There’s a lot of interesting things happening in our ecosystem.  We’ve heard more Open Source, Linux, Android, iPhone, Box, Dropbox, Slack, and Amazon integration this week than I’ve digested in years.  It was so awesome to talk so may of the SharePoint team here in Atlanta… Jeff Teper, Seth Patton, Bill Baer, Dan Holme, Chris McNulty, Tom Resing, Mike Ammerlan and more!   This is a new Microsoft and I think it’s important to have some open and frank conversations about this new world.  Yes, it’s Cloud Cloud Cloud, but there’s more…

I’ve asked my MVP friend Chris Givens, a community favorite DJ and SharePoint insider to join me and Barry Jinks, CEO of Colligo who was the first to build solid SharePoint tools for iPhone, Android, Macintosh and embrace the entire mobile ecosystem.  I want to open up some serious dialog around some key SharePoint topics that address head on some of the most interesting questions in our industry.

I believe these were the most important questions of the week at Ignite in the SharePoint and Office 365 space…

  1. Will Flow and PowerApps truly be the replacement for Infopath and SharePoint Designer? Is that a good wait and see strategy? Microsoft thinks so.  We’ll discuss Chris McNulty’s session on Infopath to Flow and PowerApps and give you our perspective including highlights from the session.
  2. SharePoint 2016 adoption seems slow. Is there truth to that? What is the latest on the upgrade and migration story including the dates on the first “Feature Pack” for 2016 and the roadmap of SharePoint Framework for 2016?
  3. Will the SharePoint Framework take over as a viable dev platform? When should we retool and should we take it seriously? How do we approach it and will it last?
  4. What’s up with the SharePoint community?  User Groups dropping like flies. Is it shrinking or looking for an Office 365 identity?
  5. How did the Nintex, AvePoint RedParty and Metalogix MetaFest party go? Do announcements from top ISVs have any insights into where we are going? Yes! Huge insights I’ve gained from simply looking at what’s new from these vendors and conversations at the networking events.
  6. Any new and cool apps in the expo hall? I’ll share my thoughts about some of my favorites and insights. Are we in expand or contract mode?  What’s the Future of the SharePoint App store and Add Ins?
  7. What the democratization of choice? How could we possibly embrace a model of choice more social, cloud collab and sharing apps across from Slack, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, SP on prem and cloud in an enterprise?
  8. Bot Framework and SharePoint.  Insights? Hololens and SharePoint? Really? Yes!

Each of these topics deserves a blog post for sure, and I plan to take much of this head on in the coming weeks, but why wait?  Why not a panel on a webinar?  Perfect let’s do it live after I get back from Ignite!
We’ll discuss these topics in addition to your own questions and comments in a panel and webinar.  Even those of you who went to Ignite may be interested to hear some of these thoughts and perspectives.

Please join us Tuesday October 4 for “Best of Microsoft Ignite!”

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