How do I add Polly to my Team? Troubleshooting Polly bot on Microsoft Teams

Joel Oleson March 11, 2017 1
How do I add Polly to my Team? Troubleshooting Polly bot on Microsoft Teams

The bots have arrived! I was excited to see the latest update to Teams has a number of new bots. I’ve noticed if you simply add the Polly Tab, it may not work correctly.

When it is working when you type @polly it will resolve.

This Universal Link to enable the Polly bot, helped me in enabling Polly. I had tried adding Polly as a tab and it wasn’t working.

In addition you can view membership of the team, click bots, then discover and add Polly. If it is already added, you should remove and re-add it to troubleshoot it. This will give it the permission you need.

You should then be able to mention polly to create the poll. Type @polly “Poll question?” “response 1” “response 2”

If setup properly it will post it as a question with results, you’re good to go. Here are some addition instructions from Polly…

Quickstart guide

  • To create a poll, type something like:
    • @polly “Poll question in quotes” “answer option” “another answer option”
    • @polly Question with a question mark? option, another option separated by a comma
  • To view poll results: visit the Polly tab in a channel (if you don’t have one pinned, here’s how to do it)
  • For more help: visit my help tab in our 1:1 chat, or check out my help center

Happy polling! 🎉

Starting a Poll

To start a poll, type something like the following into a channel: @polly “Your poll in quotes” “voting option” “another voting option”

You’ll need to specify at least 2 options, and at most 5 options.

Troubleshooting Poll Creation

Make sure you properly @ mention Polly to start a poll. In Microsoft Teams, you need to hit tab after typing @polly in order for us to recognize the mention. Details here.

Viewing Results

To view results you can do one of the following:

  1. For all poll results in a given channel, navigate to your channel’s Polly tab. Don’t have a tab pinned to your channel? Go add one!
  2. Reply to an existing Poll’s thread with @polly results

Getting Help

Navigate to your 1:1 chat with Polly, and click on the help tab. You could also try @polly help at any time as well. If all else fails, reach out to us!

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